Vocal Warmups – Day 13

You cuss, I cuss, we all cuss, for asparagus!

Give me the gift of a griptop sock: a drip-drape, ship-shape, tip-top sock.

Give Mr. Snipe’s wife’s knife a swipe.

I correctly recollect Rebecca MacGregor’s reckoning.

Multiplanar sagittal, axial and coronal images were obtained through the brain prior to and following contrast administration.  Inversion recovery images identify two focal areas of abnormal increased signal involving the left temporal lobe as well as the right occipital lobe.  This shows abnormal signal, particularly involving the gyri.  Following contrast administration, there is some evidence of enhancement to these areas without clear indication of any specific focal mass or mass effect.  I believe these findings represent ischemic foci.  Enhancement pattern is typical of what is known as luxury perfusion.  Again, no mass effect noted.  No clear indication to suggest any abnormal intracranial mass or abnormal vascularity such as an arteriovenous malformation.