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Vocal Warmups – Day 14

Roberta ran rings around the Roman ruins. I can’t stand rotten writin’ when it’s written rotten. Cows graze in groves on grass which grows in grooves in groves. The crow flew over the river with a lump of raw liver. Girl gargoyle, guy gargoyle. All these examples, which might be multiplied by millions, are cases …

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Vocal Warmups – Day 13

You cuss, I cuss, we all cuss, for asparagus! Give me the gift of a griptop sock: a drip-drape, ship-shape, tip-top sock. Give Mr. Snipe’s wife’s knife a swipe. I correctly recollect Rebecca MacGregor’s reckoning. Multiplanar sagittal, axial and coronal images were obtained through the brain prior to and following contrast administration.  Inversion recovery images …

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Vocal Warmups – Day 12

Seth at Sainsbury’s sells thick socks. Imagine, imagining imagining, an imaginary imaginary imaginary menagerie manager, imagining imagining imagining an imaginary imaginary imaginary managerie. Bandy-legg’d Borachio Mustachio Whiskerifusticus, the Bald and Brave Bombadino of Baghdad, helped Abomoligue Bluebeard Bashaw of Babelmandel to beat down the abominable bumblebee of Balsora. THERE was no hope for him this …

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Vocal Warmups – Day 11

Can you can a can as a canner can can a can? We had a knocker-up, and our knocker-up had a knocker-up, and our knocker-up’s knocker-up didn’t knock our knocker-up up, so our knocker-up didn’t knock us up. The school coal in the school coal scuttle was scattered by a cool scholar. Really rural. Now, …

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Vocal Warmups – Day 10

Kacha papaya pacca papaya Kacha papaya pacca papaya Kacha papaya pacca papaya. A cheap ship trip. The epitome of femininity. The limerick is furtive and mean You must keep her in close quarantine Or she sneaks to the slums And promptly becomes Disorderly, drunk and obscene. Linda Blair with great favour confessed, She’d been exorcised, …

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