Vocal Warmups – Day 8

Sheena leads, Sheila needs.

Sammy Simpson smiled slowly,
“Surely Sylvia swims!” said Sammy, surprised.
“Somebody should show Sylvia some strokes so she shan’t sink.”
Sylvia seemed serious, so Sammy swam six strong strokes.
“So simple,” said Sammy.
Soon Sylvia started swimming.
“Splendid!” shouted Sammy.
“She swims spiffingly.”
Sylvia seemed somewhat surprised,
She swam several strokes – splashed – sank!
“Save Sylvia!” screamed Sammy,
Swimming swiftly shorewards.
Seizing Sylvia, Sammy shouted shrilly,
Some ships soon saw Sammy’s serious situation.
Six stalwart sailors saved Sylvia,
“Silly Sylvia,” sighed Sammy, shivering slightly.
“She shouldn’t start swimming so suddenly.”
Sylvia swallowed swiftly.
“Stupid!” she shouted sharply.
Sammy seemed shocked.
“Sorry Sylvia,” said Sammy.
So Sylvia smiled sweetly.

William Shakespeare
Love’s Labour’s Lost
Act IV Scene III

The King (reading)

‘So sweet a kiss the golden sun gives not
To those fresh morning drops upon the rose,
As thy eye-beams, when their fresh rays have smote
The night of dew that on my cheeks down flows;
Nor shines the silver moon one half so bright
Through the transparent bosom of the deep,
As doth thy face through tears of mine give light.
Thou shin’st in every tear that I do weep;
No drop but as a coach doth carry thee;
So ridest thou triumphing in my woe.
Do but behold the tears that swell in me,
And they thy glory through my grief will show.
But do not love thyself; then thou wilt keep
My tears for glasses, and still make me weep.
O queen of queens! how far dost thou excel
No thought can think nor tongue of mortal tell.’
How shall she know my griefs? I’ll drop the paper-
Sweet leaves, shade folly. Who is he comes here?